Amir Shalmani

Born in Tehran/1984, Amir Shalmani studied painting and illustration.
Having grown up in a middle-class family, he takes a critical look at social classes and the contradictions in the lifestyle of Iranian society in his paintings and illustrations, pointing to the interplay of Iranian tradition and modernism and its complexity. Amir confronts his audience in a humorous way with the definitions and educational clich├ęs of today’s Iranian society and portrays vulgarism arising from masculine history and the traditional and repressive system of thought.
Amir has also been the art director of the Afrand Gallery in Tehran since 2011, holding exhibitions on women’s issues, popular repression, and social discrimination as well as environmental problems.
As a curator, he chooses to exhibit works that redefine the culture in relation to the needs and concerns of the Iranian society, which prompts the audience to think about current issues.

B.A in Graphic illustration
Solo Exhibition-Vali Abaad /Afrand Art Gallery
Solo Exhibition – Portrait/ Afrand Art Gallery2014
Participate in many group exhibitions & Art Festivals in Iran and other countries 2006-2020
Participate in many workshop 2006-2018
Cooperation with newspaper & Media in caricature 2016 -2018
Curating many exhibitions 2006-2021
Art Consultant in Afrand Art gallery 2010-2021