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In autumn 1990, Afrand Gallery came about by a friendly group of academics & Contemporary Art Graduates, in a basement located in the center of the capital city Tehran with Roya Mashoof direction. Providing ample arena for all artists to present their talents & outstanding creative achievements, the gallery’s aim has through striving efforts managed to array & promote local visual and plastic arts both at home and abroad. The results manifested in numerous Biennales, International Art-Expos & collaborations with museums & art-dealer on a domestic & International scale. 
The overall general approach of the gallery’s management, the art direction has allowed the introduction and promotion of versatile artistic expression, to enhance a deep understanding of the necessity & essence of the role of contemporary plastic arts, while allowing individual artists to manifest their authenticity be it by intuition or craftsmanship. Such expert handling of meeting demands of astute art-connoisseurs & collectors while assessing the individual taste of avant-garde & contemporary artists has been rewarding & strenuous over the years but the end-result boasts of a bonus that marks the 30 years activity of the gallery.