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Hooshang Hatefi

H. Hatefi in one hand is realistic at the work and in the other hand look expressionist painter
Where resonance contrasts, exaggerated and sometimes misrepresent, pretend to bring
more emotions and moods of its internal model
It seems a glimpse of his painterly behavior characteristics can help to understand Artworks better:
– Enjoying the contrast between the geometric structures (Excuses to create horizontal, vertical lines and canopy in work) and also aspects of organic shapes (Humans or reflection of light on the skin and twist fabrics)
–  Balance between literary Issue combine with The visual  –    musical aspects (abstraction)  
; In this case, we can say: Unlike common habits, Positive atmosphere in Hatefi paintings is
excuse enjoying exploring the possibilities use of negative space.
– Texture of the canvas bed in most of his work as a complementary element, Challenges the audience’s sense of touch. Hatefi may be considered as one of those artists who deliberately want a role in shaping their style and utility, attracted the audience’s attention. This effort in applying the canvas texture element in the present collection, relatively dramatic reduction in sizes compared with the earlier works as we knew then it is furthermore welcomed.
Born 1974 /Iran

Hooshang Hatefi
Hooshang Hatefi
Thirty years to 1400
Hooshang Hatefi
Hooshang Hatefi
Thirty years to 1400
Hooshang Hatefi
Hooshang Hatefi
Thirty years to 1400
Hooshang Hatefi
Hooshang Hatefi
Thirty years to 1400
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Hooshang Hatefi
1974 /Iran
Diploma in Painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Tehran 1994
1999 BA in Painting from the University of Azad Tehran
Member of Iranian Painters Association
Honorary member of the Visual Arts, Tehran
Solo Exhibition
University of Azad tehran1996
Art Gallery 1999 Afrand
2000 Shiv Art gallery
2001 Tarahan Azad Art gallery
2003 – 2008 – 2010 – 2012 Aria Art Gallery
Group Exhibition
2002 – 2015 Participate in Many group exhibition In Tehran –Isfahan – Ardebil – Vancouver
(Canada) &…..
2007 7th Biennial of Painting   / Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art
2009 -2010 Haft Negah Art Expo
2013 Wooden building large-scale sculptures for museums Iranian cinema/garden paradise
2013 Branch held in the design and implementation of wooden sculptures Curated by Aria Art
2012 workshop painting in The Company’s Arnak
2011 workshops at the international exhibition in Tehran during Ramadan Feast
2001 -2014 Teaching Artistic and educational center and University